Catherine Lacey is the author of four works of fiction: Nobody Is Ever Missing, The Answers, Certain American States, and the forthcoming novel, Pew. She's recently published work in The New Yorker, Harper's, and The Believer. Her books have been translated into several languages​.

She is a 2019 Guggenheim Fellow, a recipient of the Whiting Award, and earned an artists' fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts. Granta Magazine named her one of their "Best of Young American Novelists" in 2017. She was nominated for the New York Public Library Young Lions Fiction Award and has held residencies at the Omi International Arts Center.

With Forsyth Harmon, she co-authored The Art of the Affair, an illustrated guide to love and hate between dozens of twentieth century artists. Born in Mississippi, she now lives in Chicago.

No, no no! I don't want to know this stuff! Take me back!! <<<<<<<<

The Fine Print: A very small percentage of human beings who still read books in the 21st century have read this woman's fictions and some of those readers approve of the existence and possible usefulness of those fictions. Perhaps you're trying to figure out whether this Catherine Lacey  person is good or bad or neither? Unclear. Very difficult to get a straight answer on such a question. The jury, as they say, is out, because the jury was never called or if they were called it probably went to voicemail because who even picks up the phone anymore?


Writing a third person biography of yourself is a very dislocating task. She recommends you try it some time. It might lead you to wonder: what is an identity? Do you need to tell others about your good luck and good fortune first or should you lead with the bad things, the innocuous things, the unremarkables?  


Also: Identity it (any part of it) a fixed thing? Is yours stable, sir? How about when you were four? Three and a half? Last week? What about when you put a hat on? Tends to change people, I've found. Hats, that is.


Are you glad, so glad, so glad, etc? How often? With what intensity? Do you worry? What about and why? Death: have you heard of it? Thoughts? Favorite song? Least favorite song? Is there a direct relationship between those two songs? Does one contain all the opposite features of the other? Can you imagine a person who loves your least favorite song and hates your favorite song? Would you hug that person?