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Ancient literary urban legend tells us that Fleur Jaeggy spent a year meditating face down in an open field to remember where she would one day be going.

(That's not true. No one said that.)
I am calmly watching things occur beyond my control.
Design Book
This is a stock image meant to portray a 'design book'
yes, that's right. it is a design about the fact that that people make books about design.
Design Book
but let's look closer.
my mother is going to find this page one day and text me asking me if I'm OK. (Yes, I'm OK.)
Design Book
No, that's too close.
can we back up a little?
Design Book
the name of this book is:


and it was made by someone named
'Nicol Rider'
Design Book
...but there aren't any horses
and there's no
nicol rider.
Design Book
I've looked.

No luck yet.
OH, wait...

Someone told me recently that in love there's always one person with their eyes open and one person with their eyes closed. Is that true or nope?



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