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Catherine Lacey is the author of a few books. More information on her origins and whereabouts  is over here  >>>>>>>>





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Jin Auh / the Wylie Agency (Literary rights)

Brian Gittis /  FSG (publicity)

Olivia Blaustein / CAA (TV & film rights)

The Void (Requests, Complaints, etc.)

Eva Dickerman / Range (MGMT)



































woman and cocktail shaker

Welcome to the internet; you can click on anything!!!

What the hell is going on here?

Perhaps you find yourself wondering if you should read a book by this person with this strange website. 

Please consult this helpful chart to determine if this might be a good way to spend your time.

I thought i saw David Berman biking down division avenue but he's been gone a while now & I don't know where he went and neither do you.

    Title                                     Concerns        

How much can you do alone? Have you recently considered deleting your life without dying? Does everyone bother you? 256 pp.

UK, Italiano, Français, Deutsche, NederlandsEspañol,  Pirated with my blessing: فارسی

To what degree is a human emotional state measurable? Can we engineer a perfect relationship?  Should pain exist? 304 pp.

UK, Italiano, Français, Deutsche, Nederlands, Dansk, Español, עברית, Polski, Pirated with my blessing: فارسی

Are you having a hard time paying attention to a whole novel? If so, this is not a novel and there are dogs in this one. People like dogs.  208 pp.



Why do people insist on using physical appearance as the measure of everything? What is a human? 224 pp.

Is it possible to escape history? Must we live our entire lives within a single life? Can we change the future by re-imagining the past? 416 pp.

FSG, Granta, Edizioni Sur (Italiano), Alfaguara (Español), Czarne (Polski), Editura Trei (Română), Pirated with my blessing: فارسی


one day I thought: I'm not being courageous enough; then I became very frightened.


How sad is a novel allowed to be before it is convicted of being "TOO SAD?"



An idea is slightly neutered when it is  made to stand in public.

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when you have an idea, does it embarrass you?


I found this photograph on my phone. I don't know who this person is. It was taken on December 6th of 2014. I don't know where I was that day or how this could have happened. Someone, please, help me understand this.

pssst---this website was designed to be viewed on something larger than a telephone!

how do you know when you've made yourself clear?
have you found a good criteria for this?

In the mid to late nineties I developed an obsession with the singer Sheryl Crow. My love for Sheryl could only be expressed in two ways-- one, printing off every photograph of her I could find on the '97 internet and taping them across my school binders and two, soliciting the help of a stranger on the internet to teach me how to code HTML so that I could build a shrine to Sheryl. Her fourth album was so bad, however, that I deleted the whole thing and pretended I had never loved Sheryl Crow as much as I had. I regret nothing.

Q: When did people stop allowing their websites to be any fun at all?



Franz Wright

emma goldman lives!

Lonely, sir? Are you?

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